How do septic systems work?

How do septic systems work? Septic systems, cesspits and cesspools are all considered small individual waste water treatment plants designed to dispose of house hold waste typically generated by a single family residence. These systems are usually located in rural areas too far from the city sewer system hookups. Currently in the U.S. approximately 25% … Read more

Septic system and drain field failure

This article is intended to help home owners located in rural areas out of the reach of city sewer plants and forced to use septic systems as their primary waste water treatment facility. This article will touch on the controversial impact discharge water from water softeners and their salt additives are having on septic systems … Read more

Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tank maintenance can be approached in several different ways. This article will address some general procedures that will help a home owner with some key information and also assist in the scheduling of maintenance in order to keep a septic tank system running healthy and giving the home owner years of service cost effective … Read more

Septic Tank Odors and Treatments

Septic tank systems are typically designed for residential homes and commercial facilities located outside the city limits were service access to waste water treatment plants are not readily available. Your septic tank will function as your waste water treatment plant, properly digesting and disposing of all waste water solids and odors generated by your home … Read more

Septic Tank Drain Field Odors

Septic tank systems and their drain field have been utilized as waste water treatment plants for years, safely disposing of odor causing residential waste water generated by homeowners living in rural areas with limited access to city sewer systems. Wet, soggy lawns and strong septic odors over your septic tank and drain field area is … Read more

Septic Tank Odors

Odors coming from your septic system or leach field area are a sign that excess pressures are building up underground within your tank, lateral lines or drain field. Septic tanks and cesspit systems occasionally experience odors and in many cases, smells now and then are fairly normal. When the odors are consistent, you need to … Read more