Septic system treatments

It has been six months since you started work in your father’s septic system company and all that your father talks about are septic system treatments. The family business focuses on septic system treatments and maintenance practices. When your family decided to build a septic store, you aimed for the best service possible. As the … Read more

Are Organic Septic System Additives a Better Choice?

The maintenance and care of your septic system has always been a good topic of debate for so many septic system product manufacturers and it seems that finding the right cleaning product or additive for your septic system has always been a dilemma for so many homeowners. As you may know, there are three main … Read more

Is Your Septic System Taking on or Holding Water?

The septic system consists of 3 parts – the septic tank, distribution box, and leach field or absorption field. The main function of septic systems is to treat and dispose of waste coming from wastewater pipes in the house. Whenever you turn on a faucet, do your laundry, take a bath, flush a toilet, etc., … Read more