Septic system treatments

It has been six months since you started work in your father’s septic system company and all that your father talks about are septic system treatments. The family business focuses on septic system treatments and maintenance practices. When your family decided to build a septic store, you aimed for the best service possible. As the … Read more

How often should I have my septic tank pumped?

This article will attempt to answer the age old question of how often should I have my septic tank pumped? Since you were a child, you have been oriented to small house gatherings like food container parties, barbeques, and book clubs. You even had a chance to organize a small group that loved small dogs so … Read more

Do water softeners harm septic systems?

Do water softeners harm septic systems is an issue that has been debated for years. Every household needs water. Water is essential in cleaning the house, washing the car, doing laundry, cooking meals, maintaining the yard, and taking care of the household members. This is why water must be very potable and generally usable. It should … Read more