Septic Tank Odors and Treatments

Septic tank systems are typically designed for residential homes and commercial facilities located outside the city limits were service access to waste water treatment plants are not readily available. Your septic tank will function as your waste water treatment plant, properly digesting and disposing of all waste water solids and odors generated by your home or office waste water.

The septic tank and leach field system are the most popular systems in the market place. They work off of coli form of anaerobic bacteria that is naturally occurring bacteria produced by the human body and present in all septic tanks. This bacterium produces a chemical enzyme that successfully breaks down solids into small particles that feed the bacteria creating more enzyme producing effluent that is discharged, usually by gravity into the drain field leaching down through the earth and returning to the water table.

Over use of anti bacteria hand soaps and cleaning solvents, kill off the coli form of bacteria our body produces, interrupting the digestion process. This lack of bacteria decreases the digestion process allowing solid organic matter to migrate out into the drain field and form a black tar like substance called bio-mat. This bio-mat will clog the drain field reducing the leaching process causing the drain field to fail causing septic backups and odors requiring expensive repairs and in some cases drain field replacement.

Septic tank bacterial treatments have been used to offset the use of anti bacterial products for many years. They are widely used by home owners and utilized in waste water treatment plants for digestion purposes and odor control.

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