Septic Field Smells

Septic field smells and odors are becoming more common in residential drain fields due to harsh chemicals and the wide spread use of antibacterial cleaning products. Antibacterial hand soaps, wipes and shampoos kill off the coli form beneficial bacteria our bodies produce. These natural occurring bacteria are essential in the septic tank digestion process reducing … Read more

Septic Tank Odors and Flood Zones

For home owners living in a flood zone, the possibility of flooding will always exist as it currently does for residence along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Protecting your septic system is just one of the issues concerning these residences. Never pump out a septic tank before or during a flood. The system can become … Read more

Septic Tank Drain Field Odors

Septic tank systems and their drain field have been utilized as waste water treatment plants for years, safely disposing of odor causing residential waste water generated by homeowners living in rural areas with limited access to city sewer systems. Wet, soggy lawns and strong septic odors over your septic tank and drain field area is … Read more