Septic Tank Drain Field Odors

Septic tank systems and their drain field have been utilized as waste water treatment plants for years, safely disposing of odor causing residential waste water generated by homeowners living in rural areas with limited access to city sewer systems.

Wet, soggy lawns and strong septic odors over your septic tank and drain field area is a sure sign that your septic system may be failing. Extremely healthy looking green grass over the drain field is also an indication that your septic tank and drain field system is failing.

The use of anti bacterial hand soaps, bacterial killing cleaning products and excessive amounts of bleach, kill off the enzyme generating coli form bacteria that our bodies produce reducing the amount of solid waste digestion taking place in the septic tank. As a result, solids build up in the system clogging the drain field with bio mat restricting the amount of water or effluent that would normally leach into the drain field. The grey water and effluent is then pushed to the surface fertilizing the grass and making the lawn wet and soggy causing the septic odors.

Septic tank bacterial treatments will assist in the digestion of solids in the septic tank thus reducing septic system odors, smells and the amount of solids leaching into the system clogging your drain field.

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