Septic system and drain field failure

This article is intended to help home owners located in rural areas out of the reach of city sewer plants and forced to use septic systems as their primary waste water treatment facility. This article will touch on the controversial impact discharge water from water softeners and their salt additives are having on septic systems and their drain fields.

Septic Systems and drain fields are typically installed below grade or underground comprising of a 1000 gallon septic holding tank and a leach field or more commonly referred to as a drain field. Most septic systems operate naturally utilizing bacteria enzyme produced by the human body to breaking down the organic solid waste matter into effluent before it drains into the leach field. With the help of hydraulic conductivity, effluent will leach into the ground where bacteria found in the soil will complete the digestion process, filtering the water and returning it back to the water table.

Sodium or salt discharged into the septic system has long been the center of controversy and debate among researchers for industry.  Approximately, 50 pounds of table salt are discharged into the septic system of homeowners annually. Homeowners equipped with water softeners will contribute to the amount of salt water discharged into the septic system further damaging the system clogging the drain field due to the lack of air dependent bacteria caused by the accumulation of Bio-Mat that creates a watertight barrier. Laundry soap, household cleaning products and anti-bacteria all contribute to the elimination of beneficial bacteria enzyme essential to the digestion process and the normal operation of a septic system.

Septic systems are a vital part of mechanical functionality of your home, maintaining your septic system with a septic tank and drain field maintenance treatment on a regular basis cannot be stressed enough. Septic maintenance treatments should be utilized on a monthly basis.

There are many septic maintenance products on the market today, make sure you choose a commercial grade with a high bacteria enzyme count. Do your homework; make sure the product has a 100% money backed guarantee. Maintaining your septic system with a regular maintenance schedule will help to ensure your septic system gives you many years of problem free service.

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