How to unclog my Septic Tank

How to unclog a septic tank drain field is the focus of this article. This article is also designed with the intent to offer home owners and prospective home buyers the knowledge and foresight in septic tank maintenance and how to unclog a septic tank and drain field if the need arises.

If you are a young couple in the market for your first home or a seasoned home owner upgrading, moving into a larger home, make certain that you employ the serviced of a professional home inspector and get a complete home inspection before you close the deal. Make sure the inspector is qualified and has a back ground in septic tanks and drain fields. It is important that the inspector performs a test on the septic tank and drain field, NOT just a visual inspection but a physical inspection.

In the event you develop a septic tank clog, it won’t take you long to notice that something is amidst. Gurgling sounds and bubbles will appear when the toilet is flushed. Worst case scenario, the toilet will over flow dew to pressure in the septic tank pipes and system. The next step is to figure out how to unclog my septic tank and drain field.

Most septic tank drain field clogs are repairable; rarely does the entire septic tank and drain field require replacement.

The use of a steal cable or “snake” is usually the preferred method to determining if the system is clogged with roots. In some cases there may be a broken pipe, but is rarely found in newer systems, mostly old tore-cotta pre 1960 will develop cracks in the clay tile and collapse causing a clog.

The next step would be to employ a camera into the pipe to determine if there is an obstruction in the system. In the event that no obstruction is found would normally point to the septic tank drain field as being clogged with bio-mat.

Bio-Mat will form in the drain field from an over use of anti-bacteria hand soap, cleaning agents, over use of the washing machine that will kill off bacteria and restrict the digestion process or the natural breakdown of solids in the septic tank. Bio-Mat clogs the stone and gravel that surrounds the drain field PVC schedule 40 pipe causing the leaching aspect of the drain field to fail causing water to back up into the system.

Bacterial enzyme septic tank shock treatments are becoming a common approach to the restoration of septic tank drain fields and cesspits resulting in substantial savings to the home owner. The beneficial bacteria enzyme works together to digest Bio-Mat unclogging the septic tank drain field restoring the drain field. This process converts Bio-Mat into water and carbon dioxide.

Perform regular septic tank maintenance, also adding beneficial bacteria enzyme to your septic system will increase the life span of your septic system giving you the home owner years of problem free service and free of septic tank backups.

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