Leach Field Odors

leach field odors are usually the first sign that your septic tank and leach field is starting to fail. Septic tanks should be pumped and inspected every 1 to 4 years depending on the amount of use and the number of people living in the home. Septic systems are designed based upon the number of bedrooms and the square feet of a home. So, if you live in a three bedroom home and you have 9 people living in the home, you problem may be too much water usage. Look in your local yellow pages or on the internet for “septic tank pumpers or septic tank cleaners” nearest to you. They will be more than happy to make an appointment to pump out and evaluate the condition of your septic tank and drain field. The length of time a septic tank and drain field system will last depends on the construction of the system. For an example; steel or metallic septic tanks will typically last 10 to 20 years before they rust through creating a danger to the residence. Inspections of a steel tank will reveal the condition and life expectancy. Septic tanks constructed of concrete will usually last at least 50 years plus with the exception of tanks that are poorly manufactured or buried in acidic soil. The same goes for drain fields. Newer construction, post 1960 should be constructed of schedule 40 PVC pipe that should far out last a well constructed concrete tank. The close inspection of a lateral drain field lines should visually appear identical to the rest of the grass in the yard. If the grass is greener over the drain field and the drain field is easy to spot due to the excessive growth over the leach field, then you probably have a leach field problem. Wet, damp or soggy drain field surface and strong leach field odors emitting from your drain field is a sure sign that the system is failing. This is usually due to an over use of water draining into the leaching field or a buildup of bio-mat due to an excessive use of anti bacterial products. Always be mindful of roots, high water table and physical damage to the leach field and septic tank. Many fixable conditions can result in odors and smells in the leach field or drain field area. Remember, safety first and always consult with a professional before working on your septic tank and leach field. Once your system begins emitting odors, there is no turning back. Your system will continue to decline and this slowdown of flow is very unpredictable. For some people, slowing systems can take many years to come to a complete stop while for others the failure can come on very fast. If your system begins to show even the slightest sign of odor, consider adding a powerful septic tank treatment to help combat the clogging in the deep soils below your drain field. Regular use of the right septic additive can safeguard your system and add many years to it’s lifespan.