Septic System Odor Problems

Septic system odor problems and sewer smells are common to the extent that everyone has them at some time or another. The big question now is how bad the septic system odors are, where do they come from and what do I do to correct the problem and get rid of the odors?

Septic odors and sewer smells should be identified and the source of the problem corrected immediately. Septic system odors and sewer smells can be a hazard to your health and the health of your pets.

Septic system odors and sewer smells are usually the result of a dry “P trap”. The “P trap” is the curly drain pipe under the sink. Water accumulates in the dip or belly of the drain creating an air tight seal preventing the sewer gas and septic odors from escaping into the inside of the home.

Without the invention of the “P tarp” we would all be in trouble and our homes and businesses would be plagued with a constant sewer smells and septic system odor problems.

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