Septic Tank Problems When It Rains

Septic tank problems when it rains are a complaint that I hear on a pretty regular basis. Septic tanks when they are in the beginning stages of failure will emit sewer like smells and septic tank odors when it rains. The systems become saturated with water and raw untreated sewage generated by the home. The waste water will begin to push its way through the ground forcing its way to the top of the drain field creating a puddle over the septic tank and drain field. This is commonly referred to as a soggy or wet drain field.

Over a period of time, the ground around the septic system will begin to settle forming valleys or dips over the drain field. When the rains come, these areas begin to collect and fill with water. The rain water settles into the ground filling the septic system pushing the waste water to the top causing a sewer odors and sewer smells.

Septic tanks should normally be able to function properly treating a few extra gallons of water from time to time. A typical 3 bedroom house is usually rated at about 300 gallons per day on average. A well functioning septic system should be able to handle parties and family functions with little or no extra effort.

Septic tank problems when it rains are a result of a septic tank and drain field that has become clogged with bio mat and sludge. This accumulation will occur when the septic tank digestion process is compromised due to a lack of bacteria in the system. This is usually due anti bacteria hand soaps, toxic chemicals and an over use of water.

Consider replacing any household cleaning products that kill off beneficial bacteria with an environmentally safe all natural product line such as “Seventh Generation” These products are healthy for a septic system and will help to eliminate septic tank problems when it rains. Consider using a beneficial bacterial supplement for septic tanks. Treating a septic tank and drain field will reduce or eliminate odors and protect against septic tank problems when it rains.

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