Septic Odors Inside The House

Septic odors inside the house are unfortunately a common problem for many homeowners. Fortunately they are easy to detect and in most cases easy to remedy.

The source of septic tank odors usually originate from a dry “P-trap”. The “P-trap” is on the uniform plumbing code list and is a required installation under every sink and drain in a home. The “P-trap” is usually identified as the curly “S-pipe” located under the sink.

Septic tank odors accumulate in the septic tank when waste water fills the system. The breaking down the solid organic waste into effluent or water is referred to as digestion. This process created toxic gas and septic tank odors.

Septic tank odors in the house develop when the “P-trap” dries out. The general idea is that water is trapped in the dip of the “P-tray” creating an air tight trap preventing gas from escaping into the house causing the odor.

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