Roots In A Drain Field

Roots in a drain field will most certainly clog your septic tank; drain field and sewer system lines if not quickly addressed. Tree roots can cause septic odors, sewage smells and internal tree root damage to the system requiring expensive repairs and even system replacement.

Never plant trees or shrubs over a septic tank and drain field. Tree should be placed at least 30 feet from the septic tank and drain field. Limit the types of vegetation to grass and annual flowers. Do the research before planting any type of tree. Some plants and trees will grow into the walls of your home cracking concrete blocks and destroying the foundation.

Existing root can be removed with a cutting tool or more commonly referred to by professionals as a snake. Root-X should be applied immediately after cutting. If the immediate application is not possible then the application of the Root-X should be administered in 6 weeks to allow for the freshly cut roots to stop secreting sap. The sap can protect the fresh cut roots rendering the Root-X ineffective.

Be pro active and inspect your system on a regular basis. Ensure roots are not in the drain field or areas of the sewer system. Consider removing any trees from the immediate location. The cost of replacing a septic system or a sewer line will far outweigh the cost of removing trees.

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