Odor From Septic Vents Normal?

Odor from septic vents normal? Septic vents are usually located on the top of your home. They are located over the bathrooms for easy access to the outside. Toxic gases that are vented off from the home are usually small amounts and in most cases are not noticeable.

In the event that gas odors becomes more obvious would indicate the septic system may require maintenance or a pump out. If the odors are still present after pumping, you most likely have a problem in the drain field.

Bio mat can build up from a lack of bacteria due to over use of anti bacterial soaps, cleaners and chemicals. This bio mat formation can clog drain fields causing the system to drain poorly. The buildup of effluent can have an odor causing effect forcing toxic gases up through the septic vent pipe.

Super shock the system with a live bacterial can restore the drain field and eliminate septic odors. Maintain a monthly maintenance treatment using a bacterial additive should take care of the problem and eliminate odors from septic vents.

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