Septic Bacterial Treatments

Septic bacterial treatments are the focus of this blog post. We will attempt to give the reader some basic knowledge of septic bacterial treatments, functionality of a septic system and the drain field operation.

In a perfect world, septic tanks and their drain fields function naturally to an optimum capacity. Bacteria “coli form” produced by the human body make it all possible. The human bacteria are introduced into the system when we use the bathroom. Beneficial bacteria make its way to the septic tank where the digestion process takes place breaking down solids into effluent.

The beneficial bacteria “coli form” our bodies produce is capable of digesting solids human waste into effluent or water. The digested effluent will migrate out to the drain field. At this point the digested effluent will leach into the ground where it will undergo further digestion and filtration before it returns to the water table to be used again.

Anti bacterial hand soaps, cleaning products and chemicals all contribute to the destruction of natural bacteria found in our septic systems. This can quickly lead to a lack of digested solids that will eventually lead out to the drain field clogging the gavel bed that surround the drain field preventing the system from leaching.

Septic bacterial treatments are something that all home owners should consider. The rising cost of septic system replacement can be staggering. Maintaining you septic system with a beneficial bacterium is cheap and easy potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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