How to choose a septic safe toilet paper

Choosing a septic safe toilet paper can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. In determining a septic safe septic tank toilet for your home, first, make a list of the brands that you would most likely choose. Look for key words on the packaging like “dissolves fast” or “quickly breaks down” in septic tanks. These are words that the advertisers place, usually in large letters to alert you the consumer of a good septic safe product.

Stay away from colored toilet paper and facial tissue. Manufactures use a chemical known as chlorine dioxide in the process; it makes the paper digest slower in septic tanks giving it time to migrate out into your drain field potentially clogging your system causing odors and septic smells.

The rule of thumb is that the cheaper the paper, the better it will break down. Manufactures are less likely to use expensive chemicals in the cheaper products. Consider using environmentally safe and bio degradable products and play it safe.

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