Black Stains and Odors over Septic Tank Drain Field

Have you noticed black stains or damp areas producing odors over your septic tank and drain field? This can be a sure sign that your septic system is not functioning properly and may even be a sign that the system and the drain field is failing all together.

Anti bacterial products such as hand soaps, dish soaps and general household cleaners kill off beneficial bacteria (Coli form) produced by the human body. The Coli form bacteria in our septic tank are responsible for the digestion of solid waste into water and effluent and carbon dioxide. Coli form bacteria is a week bacteria that is easily killed off by the use of anti bacterial products.

The result of dead bacteria is a lack of digestion in the septic tank and drain field. Without beneficial bacteria constantly being added into the system, sludge will accumulate in the tank and eventually flow out to the drain field causing a bio mat buildup. Bio mat is a thick black pasty organic material that will clog the gravel in your drain field making it impossible for the leach field.

Bio mat will eventually clog the drain field forcing the bio mat and effluent to the surface causing black stains and strong septic odors.

Shocking your septic system with a heavy dose of beneficial bacteria can open your septic tank and drain field lateral lines. Treat the system monthly with a beneficial bacteria maintenance bio pack and restore your septic system to a like new condition.
Remember to stay away from products that may contain anti bacterial additives.

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