How often should I have my septic tank pumped?

This article will attempt to answer the age old question of how often should I have my septic tank pumped? Since you were a child, you have been oriented to small house gatherings like food container parties, barbeques, and book clubs. You even had a chance to organize a small group that loved small dogs so that your chiweenie could also have a group of friends. As you grew older, you have carried on that sense of belongingness. Since you already had your own home, you decided to organize a small group that would tackle issues about the septic tank.

When your home was finished, you paid much attention to the septic system. The septic expert’s words stuck to your brain. It was definitely a must for you to maintain and care for your septic system. It was about time that you shared this valuable information and perhaps make others aware that the septic system is an indispensable part of anyone’s home. That afternoon, about five new members appeared. They all just moved into their newly-built homes that month. The gathering was on time because they needed basic information about their septic systems. One very important question that came out that time was… How often should I have my septic tank pumped?

It was a question that was in the minds of almost everyone in the group. Only some homeowners really think of their septic tanks. They do not consider it as a living system that needed attention. The septic tank is a living, breathing organism that receives, stores, and treats the wastewater that your household produces. It is true that the wastewater sustains the bacteria but it can’t be denied that the sludge produced in the tank should be kept at a minimum. This helps the resident bacteria to break down the solid waste materials much more efficiently. This also prevents the clogging of the drain field.

Yes, the septic tank needs to be pumped out on a regular basis but how often? It actually depends of the number of people that lives in your home. For a home that has two people, the septic tank should be pumped every three years. If the house has up to 5 inhabitants, it should be pumped every 2 years. For a home with 6 or more people, the tank should be pumped every year.  Some of the new members immediately asked about the cost of having their tanks pumped out. They initially thought that it would be very expensive.

The cost of pumping out the septic tank is not that costly at all. It only requires an amount between 75-300 USD, depending on the services that come with the actual pump out. It also depends on your area. To take away the hassle of worrying about the amount you should pay, you could just set aside a few dollars every month or every year. This will help you accumulate enough until your schedule is up.

In pumping out your septic tank, also take note that you have to acquire the services of a septic professional that does everything right. A thorough inspection should be performed before the pump out. The pipes should be checked for leaks and damages. The drain field should be checked for heavy footprints and vehicle tracks because these bring damage to the septic components as well. The contents of the septic tank should be inspected to see if there are high levels of harsh chemicals or cleaners that may already killed off the resident bacteria. Be sure to get a professional that is recognized in your area. This will ensure a proper report and set of recommendations for you to follow. Some pumpers just take off after getting paid.

All you have to do is stick to the schedule that the septic expert recommended. You have to really tell him the details about the living situation in your home. If you have plans of making your household a lot bigger, then the septic system should be adjusted as well.  Hope this article answered the age old question of how often should I have my septic tank pumped?

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