Will hydrogen peroxide harm leach fields?

This article will cover the age old question of will hydrogen peroxide harm leach fields? In a complete, fully-functional septic system, there is a septic tank and a leach field. The leach field is where phase two of the wastewater treatment system is performed. When the clear, pre-treated effluent exits the septic tank, it automatically … Read more

Will hydrogen peroxide harm lateral lines?

The attached article will talk about the old question of will hydrogen peroxide harm drain fields and what are the effects? Not every homeowner is well-versed in the septic system language. If you don’t know every part of the septic system, then you won’t be able to relate when lateral lines are discussed. The drain … Read more

Septic additives do help cesspits

Apples are your passion. You love apples so much that you have framed your yard with apple trees. Green apples, red apples, and even apple mangoes all surrounded your property. It’s actually like a postcard theme especially when birds and butterflies circle the yard. Nothing can be more satisfying than to have seen the trees … Read more