Toilets backing up from sand mound

Toilets backing up from sand mound sludge will be the topic of this article. This article will discuss septic tanks with sand mound drain fields. As a professor of the local high school, you always looked around the school yard for any untoward event or misplaced school property. You just couldn’t help it. The students in your school had their moments of hormonal fluctuations and this usually resulted to very unruly or uncharacteristic behavior. But every time you scout the yard, you just couldn’t help but notice the sand mounds that your school had. The water table was too high for your school to have regular septic systems so the septic expert recommended that sand mounds be installed at various areas of your school to accommodate the large amount of people who use the washrooms and showers.

You were much earlier that day and you decided to use the washroom for the faculty. The moment you opened the door to the wash room, a strange, disarming smell welcomed you. You immediately covered your nose and mouth with your small towel and braved the washroom. To your horror, the toilets were backing up from the sand mound. You couldn’t possibly use even one urinal or toilet. Even the floor drains were backing up. Just as you left the faculty, you came upon the school’s custodian who was just beginning to make his morning rounds. You told him that the toilets in the faculty washroom were backing up from the sand mound. In response to this, the custodian checked out the faculty washrooms and the rest of the washrooms and showers in the school. They were all backing up.

The custodian reported the situation to the school’s principal and a text brigade was started. Classes were suspended until further notice because of an unavoidable circumstance. It was enough for the students not to pose any more questions as to what has happened. Parents called the principal’s home number and e was more than welcome to explain. Meanwhile, the septic expert came and assessed the situation. The custodian never missed a pump out and monthly treatment schedule. The only problem was that there were more students last year because of the additional classrooms and facilities built. There was a laundry area built and the mess hall was developed. The total water load of the sand mounds increased about three times. The systems couldn’t handle all that anymore. Add to that some irresponsible students who dump non-biodegradable things into toilets.

The septic expert recommended that dry wells were to be installed for the washing machines and the dishwashers. He also said that the detergents should be changed into environment-friendly/bacteria friendly ones because the antibacterial detergents really deteriorated the bacterial population in the sand mound’s tank. You saw the custodian write down notes while you prepare yourself to go home. It wasn’t your place to help out in your suit even if you wanted to. You had the same problem with your sand mound at home and dry well really made a ton of difference for your system.

A sand mound is your very own wastewater treatment facility when you have a high water table. It is pretty much like a conventional septic system. The only difference is that the sand mound is above the surface. It is a much more delicate system because you have to manually regulate the temperature of the sand mound with a construction fabric. This lining of fabric keeps the heat made by the bacteria inside the septic tank. Plus, you have to maintain the normal care and maintenance that a conventional septic system receives such as monthly treatments and tank pump outs. You also have to make sure that you use the drains and toilets responsibly. Detergents and cleaning solutions should also be changed into bacterial/environment-friendly products to help enhance the performance of the bacterial population.

By the time you left the school, the septic expert was already assembling his equipment. You were very sure that everything was going to be all right pretty soon. Toilets backing up from sand mound would no longer be an issue.

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