Septic Tank Problems And Odor?

Septic tank problems and odor trouble thousands of home owners every year. Septic tank odors typically occur when systems are neglected. Neglecting a septic tank and drain field can range from not pumping out the system on a regular basis to dumping fats, oils and greases down the sink.

Famine napkins, baby wipes and paper products that are not septic safe can all affect the normal operation of a septic system. With long term use of these products, septic system and drain fields will eventually clog due the migration of the undigested paper products into the drain field.

The uses of septic safe products are an important part of maintaining a septic system and reducing septic tank problems. The use of septic tank additives, reducing the use of anti bacterial products and restricting NON septic safe products are all part of maintaining a healthy septic safe environment.

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