Septic Tank Odors and Difficulties

As with any septic system, septic tank odors and difficulties can develop with little notice. There are many different types of systems in use in today’s housing industry. Almost 1/3 of the country uses an onsite waste water treatment system.

Generally speaking most septic systems operate the same way. Coli form bacteria generated from our bodies creates a process referred to as digestion. This is the process of digesting or turning solids into liquid or effluent. The processed effluent is then directed to an area where it will be distributed over an area commonly referred to as a leach filed or drain field.

When a septic system starts to produce toxic odors and smells the end result is usually a failed drain field that may require a septic tank and or a drain field replacement. Problematic septic systems can be avoided with just a few simple life style adjustments.

Removing all septic tank killer products from your house such as hand soaps may save you thousands in septic system repairs, These products will kill of beneficial bacteria long after they have been introduced into the system.

Re direct or remove the water softener if you have one. The salt brine, when the septic system renews, flows into the septic tank and cause good bacteria to die of.

Just a few important items that are easily to conform to will may your life easies and extend the life of your septic system giving you years of problem free service.

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