Septic Odors in a New Home?

Septic odors in a new home could be the result of a “P” Trap that has dried out. “P” Traps are located under the sinks and they use a small amount of water that rests in the belly of the pipe to block gasses and odors from escaping into your home. The quickest way to stop these odors is to turn on the water spout and fill the drain line. This should fill the line with water closing off the “P” Trap preventing septic gas and toxic septic odors from escaping into your home.

One of the most common types of “P” Traps to evaporate is garage drains and bathroom sinks that are rarely used. To reduce or eliminate odors, turn the water on occasionally to fill the sink and drain pipe.

Homes that are of new construction and never been lived in can experience foul toxic septic odors and smells coming from the septic tank as a result of a lack of bacteria. New systems that have never been used will sometimes produce septic odors until the system has built up enough bacteria to start the digestion process.

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