Are septic tank aerators beneficial?

We will discuss the pros and cons of installing an aerator and discuss the question of are septic tank aerators beneficial. As a woman, raised in the old family ways, you have imbibed the traditional procedures in everything that you do. For the most part, you stick to what your grandmother has even taught your mother, especially when it’s about household duties. In the kitchen, you have been taught recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Each ingredient had to be the exact ingredient used decades before. There should be no substitution because the flavors will be different. In raising the children, discipline should be prioritized. The women in your family believed that raising the children with enough discipline will help them become ideal people when they grow up. So even if it was hard not to spoil your daughters, you did it. You even set a curfew for them to follow. But you rewarded them and heard them out most of the time to let them know that you were a friend even if you were their mom.

You were not an ordinary mother. You raised your girls on your own. Being a single parent was not easy. It meant being a mother and a father at the same time. This meant that you handled every chore even if it was changing the light bulbs and checking the locks before you went to bed. It was already a routine for you to do all these. But there was this one activity that you always dreaded. It was something that you would really not do if you could help it. You really didn’t want to oversee your septic tank being pumped out and treated. But you knew that you had to do this to make sure that everything was done properly according to what you always paid for.

It was the scheduled date of your septic system’s pump out. When your septic expert arrived, he introduced you to a new apparatus that he wanted to use on your septic tank. You weren’t sure if you really wanted it to be used on your tank but the septic expert said that it would benefit your tank and entire septic system as well. It was a septic tank aerator that delivered oxygen into the septic tank. It was a very new concept to you but since your septic expert said that it would definitely be to your advantage as a homeowner, you agreed to it after you asked the septic expert are septic tank aerators beneficial?

The septic system is comprised of the septic tank and the drain field. Both have reliable bacteria that breakdown the solid materials and purify the effluent. These bacteria are the essential players in the entire septic system. With the presence of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, the run of the wastewater treatment facility remains smooth. This is why the bacterial population should be well-taken care of. Septic tank aerators really greatly improve the performance of the resident bacteria in the system because the oxygen accelerates the process of wastewater treatment. Clogs and backups are a thing of the past.

When the septic expert was finished, you anticipated the results that the septic tank aerator would bring the septic system itself. You felt good knowing that something that was untraditional to you would be able to improve the condition of your wastewater treatment system. Septic aerators are non-chemical. It can be classifies as a very environment and septic system friendly method of treating your septic tank. All it had to do was pump in oxygen into the septic tank and everything would be smooth sailing.

As the septic expert left in his truck, you asked him again are septic tank aerators beneficial? You once again proved to yourself that you can be a father and a mother all by yourself. Months after the septic tank treatment, you never did experience a minor backup anymore. Deciding to have a septic tank aerator treatment was really one of the best decisions that you have made.

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