How to aerate a drain field

This article will cove how to aerate a drain field. Septic systems are known to be a very indispensible component of your home and property. It is an installed system that allows your wastewater to be treated straight from your own household. Its bacterial population is the main essence of the septic system. The anaerobic bacteria are found in the septic tank while the aerobic bacteria are in the drain field. The solid wastes are broken down into sludge by the anaerobic bacteria. This is what the septic expert pumps out on a given schedule of every 3 to 5 years. The effluent is further treated and purified with the help of the aerobic bacteria that also keeps the bio mat at normal levels in the drain field.

But not every homeowner sees the septic system as an important part of the property. It often escapes their list of priorities because it is, after all, underneath the ground. They would never even remember their septic system unless it acted up. You didn’t want to be this kind of homeowner. You told yourself that you were going to pay attention to the littlest details f your home when you finally had one. Finally, you had the opportunity to prove yourself. Your boss gave you a bonus for hauling in the biggest account for your company. He gave you a raise, a promotion, a car, and a house. It was like winning a contest. You felt so happy that things seemed too good to be true.

The house was new when you got it. The real estate agent told you that the house was just finished three months before you moved in. You were able to get the house inspection reports. The only thing missing was the septic system report. A few months after you moved in, you started to smell septic odors. This was not typical of a new house. There was something wrong so you called the septic expert. He said that the developer didn’t have the septic systems treated in any way after it was installed. You asked what the best treatments were and he said that aerating your system, particularly the drain field was one of the best treatments that you could have. How to aerate a drain field?

  1. The septic system was first pumped out and cleaned with bacteria-friendly and environment-friendly cleaning solutions. How to aerate a sand mound will be covered latter.
  2. The ATU (aerobic treatment unit) is connected to an electrical source.
  3. The septic expert chose the three-chamber ATU for your house that consists of:
    1. The aerobic septic trash tank that serves as the retention vessel of the wastewater. It is much smaller than a conventional septic tank.
    2. The aerobic septic system aeration pump and chamber that pumps the oxygen in to the system, straight into the drain field. A missing rotor is present here to incorporate more oxygen into the wastewater.
    3. The aerobic septic system clarification chamber that separates the solids from the effluent.
  4. The effluent will either return to the aeration chamber or be distributed into the soil absorption system.

After the septic expert did his job, he arranged a schedule for your drain field to be treated and for your septic tank to be pumped out. This way, your entire home won’t perish by an inefficient septic system. After a few hours, the house smelled pleasant again, perhaps because of the treatment accompanied by the increased ventilation that you turned on inside the house. Your boss wanted to see how you were in your new home that week. You were so relieved that you had the aeration done earlier. It was your boss. He could have easily fired you if he knew that there was something wrong with your septic system and that you neglected it. It was a real break for you to have that ATU installed. With it, you will truly fulfill your goal of being one of the most successful homeowner.  How to aerate a drain field or a sand mound is a subject that was covered early.

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