Plugged Septic Beds

Plugged septic beds can result in septic tank and drain field odors. This condition can be the result of poor maintenance, lack of pumping and in some cases severe root infestation.

Inspect the system carefully and ensure there is sufficient room for nearby trees and their root system. Most tree root systems will require the same amount of room as the canopy of the tree or tree limbs that extended out at full bloom. Signs of roots growing out of the ground in the area of the septic tank or drain field can be an indication of root infestation.

Plugged septic beds and the odors it can cause could also the sign that a system is in need of pumping. With the introduction of anti bacteria soaps and cleaners, systems are prone to odors and clogs requiring more frequent pump outs.

The lack of septic tank maintenance is the most common cause of septic odor and problems that can result in a bio mat build up in the drain field area restricting the natural leaching process. Plugged septic beds and odors can be drastically reduces with the elimination of anti bacterial soaps and the implantation of a regular septic tank maintenance schedule consisting of a beneficial bacterial additive.

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