Eliminating Toilet Odor

Eliminating toilet odor in a hurry can be easily accomplished by simply lighting a match in the middle of the bathroom. The sulfur smell of the match will mask the strongest of toilet smell. Lighting a candle will achieve similar results in a pinch.

Toilet odors and smells can be the result of many issues. The number one reason contributing to the presence of toilet odors in the bathroom would be that your bathroom is in need of a serious cleaning.

When cleaning a toilet or the bathroom, it is wise to consider if you have a septic tank or city sewer. From a homeowner’s point of view, the strongest cleaning products available on the market are fine. I mean, what is the difference, it’s not killing your septic system it’s going to the city sewer system. On the other hand if you have a septic tank you are limited to septic safe products that are friendly to septic systems and the beneficial bacteria essential to the digestion of the solids waste generated by the home.

Another reason for septic smells and odors could be that your septic tank is in need of a good pumping. If a septic tank is not properly maintained, solids and household waste will build up in the system causing toxic gas to form. This gas will typically enter your home via the toilet. Gurgling sounds in the toilet will be noticeable and are indicative of a system that is failing.

Clogged septic roof vents that release odors and toxic sewer gas can clog or become damaged in a storm. Inspect your system on a regular basis and keep your toilet clean elimination the number one cause of bathroom toilet bowl odors.

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