10 Reasons a Septic System can Cause Odors


There are many reasons a septic tank and drain field can become odorous. The following is a list of the most common. 

1)      Septic Tank is full and needs to be pumped out. 

2)      Lack of bacteria in the system. System requires bacterial additives. 

3)      Too much washing machine water going to the system. 

4)      Anti-bacterial hand soaps killing off good bacteria. 

5)      Harsh cleaning chemicals killing off good bacteria. 

6)      Vent stacks on the roof of the home are clogged, forcing odors into the house. 

7)      Dry drains allow pee traps to dry out, causing septic odors and gases to push back into the house. 

8)      Too much rain can cause a drain field to become saturated, causing a backup. 

9)      Septic tank vents can get clogged and cause odor backup. 

10)   Foreign objects in the septic tank can cause backups causing odors. 

Just a few things to remind home owners that maintaining a septic system and drain field is essential to preventing expensive repairs and replacement.

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