Septic Tank Sewer Smell and Odor Problems

Septic tank sewer smell and odor problems have been harassing homeowners since the beginning of time. Septic tanks and drain fields were not always used as onsite waste water treatment plants. Originally, septic tanks and drain field systems were constructed of little more than a dug out pit in the ground. Along with evolution, septic systems have evolved considerably into advanced waste water treatment plants that are made up of hundreds of designs that range from gravity fed septic tanks and leach fields to electrical powered aerobic aeration assisted systems to large scale off site municipal waste water treatment plants processing millions of gallons of residential and municipal waste water every day 365 days of the year.

The most common denominator between waste water treatment plants is they all treat endless amounts of waste water and septic sewer odors generated by residential homes and businesses. Generally speaking, septic tank odors and sewer odors are by far the most obvious given the most attention. Offensive septic and sewer odors can travel hundreds of yards if not miles offending everyone in their path.

Sewage plants and municipal waste water facilities utilize high concentrations of bacteria additives to assist in operators in achieving a proper balance of digestion reducing foul septic odors, biological oxygen demand (BOD) chemical oxygen demand (COD) and limiting suspended solids. With out the benefit of bacterial additives a digestion balance would be difficult to maintain for a substantial period of time.

In addition, odor problem control bacterial additives are often marketed to residential homeowners’ with great success. These high concentrated bacterial additives have been proven to be a great benefit in reducing bio mat and controlling solid waste buildup in residential septic systems nationwide.

Researchers have shown that by introducing a monthly maintenance bacterial additive to a septic system, can reduce septic system odor, solids and eliminate unnecessary pump outs. This combined with eliminating antibacterial household products can extend the life of your septic system giving the homeowner years of problem free service.

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