Septic sludge help

Everything was much simpler then. You were just a kid who believed your grandparents when they told you that the septic system didn’t need attention, maintenance and that septic sludge help was never a concern.  You were a witness to the yeast cake that your grandmother threw into the tank. You watched your grandfather close it up. After that, you went inside the house and had some ice cream and cake.

This was the practice back then. They believed that since the septic system was a bacteria-filled system, it didn’t need maintenance anymore. It went on like that because the septic system was grandfathered that way. They waited for the septic system to give out and then a new septic system replaced it.

Since technology gave the world so much to make everything last for a very long time, the septic system was given a brand new lease in life. When you had your own septic system, it didn’t require you to just throw in yeast cake and walk away. Rules and regulations in sanitation mandated you to treat the septic system as a huge component of your household. The longevity of the septic and the safety of the environment were placed on your hands.

It wasn’t a responsibility that was easy to accept. It meant more time, effort, and money to be prepared and spent. It was like having another car that was placed underneath your home. Well, your septic system deserves to be treated that way. You have to maintain it well because it serves you well. And besides, you have to spend 30,000 USD for a new septic system as opposed to a few hundreds of dollars to maintain it.

When you weren’t able to fulfill your duties of proper septic maintenance, you needed septic sludge help. The pump out schedules weren’t kept, the system was improperly used, the trees on the septic system started growing, and you parked your car over the septic area. All these and more were done and because of the neglect, your septic sludge was not regulated.

The sludge took over your septic tank and scattered all throughout the system. Even the drain field and its components started to have sludge. Your house began having backups of wastewater and septic odors. You knew that you had to take care of the problem immediately. Your septic expert arrived and told you that the sludge had to be eliminated at the soonest possible time. He strongly recommended the use of biological septic treatments that used non-pathogenic bacteria to shock the system. The biological additives were poured in large doses. The bacteria added gobbled up all the accumulated sludge and even got rid of the septic odors. In just a few weeks, the septic system was cleared of sludge. Your septic expert also recommended that the system should already be aerated to make it more efficient and less likely to malfunction again.

Even if you had to shell out more money, you knew that it would be worth every penny to have the septic system working normally again. The septic sludge help that you had with the use of the bacteria shock treatment was the best thing that ever happened to you and to your septic system.

The one thing that your septic expert stressed was to maintain the regular pump outs like you usually did. It really helped maintain the sludge at normal levels. You were guilty with that part because of  your busy work schedule and personal matters as well. But you told him that you would definitely want to be updated through phone when it’s time to have the tank pumped out again.

Septic sludge help can just be a phone call away or an email away. But you don’t have to have it all the time. It would leave a huge dent on your budget and schedule if you always have to call your septic expert for such dilemmas. For sure, if you do the things that you should, he would be very happy to come to your house with just his routine pump out equipment.

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