Septic Odors in the Winter

Septic odors, especially in the winter months can be the result of fats oils and greases collecting in low areas of sewerage drain lines and sewage piping. Low dipping areas in the drain lines can develop over time due to the settling of soil or improper sewer line installation. This condition is more common in restaurants but has also been known to plague homeowners.

Disposing of fats oils and greases in garbage cans can be a great prevention strategy. Never use your sinks and drains as a garbage disposal. Food particles will clog your system, causing sewer odors; eventually make their way to the drain line where they convert into a bio mat restricting sewage drainage.

The use of a grease trap treatment of a septic tank treatment will help to reduce odors and break down fats oils and greases allowing them flow out into the city sewer or septic tank and leach field.

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