Septic Cleaners

Septic cleaners have been around for centuries dating back to 500 B.C. plus. History has taught us that ancient societies used rancid meat and other bacterial producing items commonly found as an additive to their septic tanks and more likely cesspools.

Early on ancient civilizations discovered that by adding bacteria to a septic tank or cesspools produced a septic tank cleaner affect, cleaning the septic system of fats, oils, greases and solid waste also reducing odors and sewer smells.

The ancient civilizations had no idea the miracle they were experiencing was actually the effects beneficial bacterial. This process is defined as digestion or the process of breaking down solid waste into water and carbon dioxide. This was also the key to eliminating strong odors.

Modern day chemistry and biology has carried us a long way from the ancient days of Rome and Persia. Septic cleaners are made up of bacteria cultivated from septic system and reproduced in laboratories, package in many formulas that can be distributed to business and consumers worldwide.

Today, septic cleaners can be found in every hardware store in America. Septic cleaners have become a very important part of modern day life with many beneficial uses.

Advanced septic cleaners are used in the treatment of waste water treatment plants digesting millions of tons of waste generated by households around the world.

Septic cleaners have advanced to levels where they are now able to restore clogged septic tank drain fields in residential applications. Septic cleaners are used in commercial applications restoring failed restaurant septic tank drain fields that have been saturated with cooking grease and oils produced by the kitchen.

Septic cleaners play a very important part in society. Septic cleaners treat our septic tanks and drainage systems saving homeowners thousands in repair costs. Septic cleaners restore clogged drain fields in residential homes that would otherwise cost homeowners thousands in replacement cost financially crippling a family.

I would say that we owe a great debt to that ancient person who first threw a piece of rancid meat into his septic tank or cesspool. I wonder if he realized that he had indeed discovered the first septic tank cleaner. I wonder if he realized the impact that his discovery would have on mankind.

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