How to get rid of drain field bio-mat buildup

People have always said that life is simple and that man is the only one who makes it complicated. If you think about it, this is true. How to get rid of drain field bio-mat buildup was today’s issue. Many occasions evidently proved this to really bring out how man makes a simple situation blown up. You have witnessed this too many times already. It is just too apparent that there are things can really get complicated. Relationships, careers, pet ownership, and home ownership are only some of the favorite issues. Ultimately, you didn’t want things to be complicated anymore. You believed that life was too short for you to hold on to its complexities. You had to make an effort to simplify your fast-paced life or you knew that you would end up single and grumpy.

When you got your own home, you decided to make things very simple. And this involved even the maintenance of the entire home. You were the only one at home during the weekends. During the weekdays, a housekeeper maintained your home. You didn’t want to leave the house unattended when you left for work. And besides, your English Mastiff should not be left alone. It was important for you to have the house cleaned all the time because in your line of work, you never knew when you would have guests. There was this one time when your boss decided to bring a client along for a meeting at your house. It was a good thing that you had a housekeeper to take care of your home while you were at work. All you had to do was call her and dinner was prepared by the time you went home. She has worked with you for five years already and she already knew how you wanted things done.

You owed a lot to your trusted housekeeper. But when it came to the septic system maintenance, it was you who had to take the floor. But admittedly, there were times when you weren’t able to keep the scheduled maintenance and care of your septic system. As a result, your housekeeper sent you a text message before you went home that Friday night, telling you that the sinks, toilets, and drains were all backing up and that a corner of your yard was flooded. You slightly panicked as you called up your septic expert. He arrived just as you did and he started working on the septic system to get rid of the bio-mat accumulation. The septic expert explained that there are several ways to get rid of the drain field bio-mat buildup and also how to get rid of drain field bio-mat build:

 1. The eaiest way to get rid of bio-mat is to prevent it. This can be accomplished by the proper use of drains, toilets, and sinks and not dumping non-biodegradable materials and fats. Decreasing the water load of the raised mound should also be done by installing a dry well at the side of the septic system to prevent the solid wastes to cross over to the drain field. When solid wastes enter the drain field, the bio-mat will buildup. If you are also able to comply with the care and maintenance schedules, drain field build up can be prevented.

2. Through a bacterial shock treatment, the solid wastes could be broken down much faster and the chemical damages brought about by cleaners and detergents could be repaired.

3. As a last resort, the septic tank and the drain field should be dug up and replaced. This is the most expensive way to eliminate drain field bio-mat. This will definitely burn that big a hole in your pocket.

After the septic expert did his job, you were relieved because your boss just sent you an emergency text message that they needed to hold the meeting at your house the next day. He said to all his friends that the septic professional knew how to get rid of drain field bio-mat build. It was a total blessing that the incident happened the day before they decided to make your home a venue again. You should have a raise for entertaining for half a year. The next day, when your boss and the client arrived, they broke the good news that you were promoted to associate already. They said that they have never seen anyone so dedicated at doing good business. Well, entertaining had its rewards after all.

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