How to locate your cesspit

Your cell phone rang that morning. Your brother asked you how to locate your cesspit. It was the first day of your well-deserved three-week paid vacation that was granted to you after a year’s straight work. It was your aunt who lived alone. She needed to leave the country for three days and he couldn’t get anyone to look after her home while she was gone. She said that she needed to leave before you would even arrive at the house so you had to keep your eyes open for messages that she would leave throughout the house. It was a five-hour drive from your home and you had to bring your chi weenie with you. It was a good thing that your designer dog was used to travelling already.

When you arrived at your aunt’s house, you were immediately greeted by a large welcome note on the front door. You knew that your aunt always kept the key under the mat. Your chi weenie immediately sniffed around. On the kitchen counter were five large cans of your dog’s favorite brand of dog food and another note. It was a bit longer than the welcome note. Your aunt told you that she baked your favorite cheesecake that was chilling in the fridge; lasagna that was also in the fridge; and a huge batch of mudslide smoothie. She also told you that the septic expert would be arriving the next day so you had to look for the cesspit to help oversee what would happen. She also left some new DVDs for you to enjoy. You didn’t have any idea how to locate the cesspit. So you immediately brought out your laptop and searched the net.

The cesspit is a personal wastewater treatment system that is pretty similar with the conventional septic system. It just doesn’t have an outflow pipe to disperse the effluent into the surrounding environment. How to locate your cesspit is a common question. It is only right to have the cesspit undergo regular care and maintenance. You could start locating the cesspit by referring to the property’s blueprint, which you do not have. So your next option was to go to the environmental department in town to look at the permit records for your aunt’s cesspit. There, you could ask for a copy of the blueprint. But the best means to know where the cesspit really was is through the septic expert. He would be the only person who would know if there were any changes done to the positioning of the cesspit.

The septic expert arrived the next day with his equipment. You talked to him about the location of the cesspit and in just a few minutes, he was already digging for the opening. It was easy for him because he was the only one who worked on the spot for decades. He said that the depth of the cesspit opening depends on how deep the cesspit is. And in your aunt’s cesspit’s case, it was a foot under. The lid needed to be concealed for safety purposes. With that, the septic expert took over while you oversaw what he did. It wasn’t a very glamorous job. And it was a weird way to start your vacation. It was like a very lucky break for your travel agent to notify you a week ago that your flight to Spain was moved to five days later so that you could get the seat that you wanted. It was only once a year. You had to get your favorite seat.

On the third day, your aunt arrived from Egypt, carrying a large wooden case. She said that it was an emergency trip. The reason was to be at an auction for rare antiquities where she found the item that she had wanted to get her hands on for almost a decade. It was just like shopping for shoes for your aunt. She was obsessed with rare antiques. When she unveiled the piece, it was an intricate statue of an Egyptian cat goddess. The chi weenie stared at it and yelped a little. Your aunt hugged you and sat with you in the kitchen over some coffee and cheesecake, thanking you for what you did for her especially when the septic expert came. Now when somebody ask, how to locate your cesspit, you will have the correct answer.

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