Monthly cesspool additives

Before the two-week school break began, it was very hectic. Every single teacher though of every imaginable homework or project that would keep every single student busy during those two weeks. It was like they didn’t want the students to take a break at all. The teachers told them that the deadline of the projects and assignments would be the first day of school after the two-week vacation. All students went home with a huge rain cloud above their heads. Yours had thunder and lightning. You were supposed to have a cruise vacation with your family. How were you supposed to enjoy the break?

You and your family was scheduled to leave in two days, To you, it meant that you only had two days to complete every single assignment and project that the teachers gave you, You definitely didn’t want to bring your school paraphernalia on board the ship. That would be a major turn down. And what if there were other seventh graders like you? They would see you in a corner of the ship, with your books laid in front of you. You would look like a nerd or a geek that went on a cruise. With this, you immediately started doing your school tasks the minute you arrived home. You even told your mother that you would just be getting your dinner plate and eat in your room.

Everything went smoothly. You finished all your assignments and projects already, except for one—the essay about your cesspool. When you asked your mother things about the cesspool, she turned pale and then told you to go to your father. He said that you should get the information straight from the local septic professional. The monthly cesspool additive treatment was scheduled the following day so you would have to spend the entire day interviewing him. That would be great firsthand data for your essay.

Dawn came and you went down for breakfast. Your father told you that the septic professional would be in at any minute so you’d better get ready. Your mother told you to wear pants and boots with your shirt. She even gave you a mask. When the septic expert’s truck pulled up, you were already in the front yard with your handy voice recorder and camera. Your teacher would definitely love pictures along with the essay. As the septic expert prepared his things, you asked him if you could interview him about what he was doing as he did his work. He said yes and that particular “yes” spelled high grades.

First, he told you that the cesspool was pretty much like a septic tank in collecting and treating the wastewater from your household. The only difference was that the cesspool had perforations around its tank. These holes were the exit point of the pre-treated effluent from the tank itself. Then, he told you about the bacteria. The bacteria found inside the tank was anaerobic or didn’t need oxygen to survive. Even so, they did their job done. They break down the solid waste materials to keep the effluent clear as it gets dispersed into the surrounding soil. When the effluent reaches the soil absorption system, it could then be purified by the aerobic bacteria. The diseases and the contaminants are stripped away before the treated effluent gets returned to the surrounding environment.

When you asked why monthly cesspool additives have to be used into the cesspool system, the septic expert said that it is recommended to keep the population of the bacteria in the cesspool very healthy. The cesspool additives can be inorganic, organic or biological. Among the three, it is always the biological type of additive that is the safest to use. It only contains non-pathogenic bacteria to help the anaerobic bacteria in the cesspool. The biological cesspool additives do not contain harsh chemicals that may contaminate the surrounding bodies of water. By the end of the interview, you knew why your parents followed the recommended monthly cesspool for the exact reasons that the septic expert gave you.

The interview was finished by the time the septic expert was finished. You knew that you would definitely enjoy your school break that year.

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