What causes leach field failure?

Every septic system has a leach field or drain field. This is the component that is responsible for the absorption of the wastewater that drains out of the septic tank. Unfortunately, homeowners do not adhere to the maintenance and care of their leach fields. This results in the aggravation of the already present malfunction symptoms of their leach field. If you have leach field failure , this could cause harm to your home, health, and surrounding environment.

The leach field or drain field is the last phase of the water treatment system in your house. It is supposed to convert the wastewater into usable water for the surface organisms. By the time the water comes out of the leach field, it is supposed to be free of pollutants and in the form of effluent ready to return to the water table. But there are cases where it does fail. Here are the reasons why:

1. Construction is poor
If your septic system fails, then it is most probably because of the poor quality of soil it is built on, flaws in design, and errors in construction. Just make sure that you get a professional septic contractor to avoid possible septic system failure.

2. Pump out neglect
It is already found that septic systems have to be pumped out on a regular basis. If this is neglected by the homeowner, then the leach field will fail. The solids and sludge that accumulates in the tank can seep out into the leach field clogging the leach field causing failure.

3. Additives
You should already know by now that the septic system is technically a living breathing system that functions because of the bacteria that is naturally found in the septic tank and leach field. It’s the bacteria that are responsible for the entire functioning of the septic system. If you put additives into the system, then you kill the bacterial population. Then the solid waste will not be digested. This will leak out into the leach field, causing it to be clogged.

4. Hardwood plant roots
Trees or shrubs that are composed of hard wood roots and if they are allowed to grow on top of the leach field, their invasive roots will damage the pipes and disable the function of the leach fields. Just make sure that you have plants with shallow roots like grass and some small flowers on your leach field.

5. Vehicles and construction
Constructions like walkways or gazebos should not be placed over your leach field. This prevents the evaporation process and the heavy traffic could damage the leach field components causing failure. Also be mindful of the vehicles that enter your property. They should not be parked over the leach field. The tremendous weight of these truck or cars will cause the septic tank components to be crushed or disconnected. And obviously, it will cause a huge dent in your septic system.

Make sure that you avoid any of the previous situations. The water that comes out of the leach field is supposed to be free of contaminants. It is part of your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that you take care of your leach field ensuring a smooth operation system. Doing so will assure an efficient flow of the wastewater treatment process in your household. It will also result into a safe, clean environment, which is supposedly the ultimate outcome of any ideal leach field reducing the possibility of leach field failure.

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