My cesspit failed within weeks of moving into my new home.

Your eyes widened at what your gay friend just told you through the phone… Help! My cesspit failed within weeks of moving into my new home! You have been friends since fifth grade and this was as devastating as it could ever be. You watched how much he gave up and sacrificed jut to have that new house on the property that he has always raved about. You even helped him find a real estate agent that would help him get the house at a much lower price. You were so pissed off at the agent that you called him up as soon as your friend hung up. You knew that you had to go there with the agent and set things right.

When you arrived at your friend’s house, things were busy. The agent was there and your friend was having about to have a nervous breakdown. You were just in time to calm him down. The agent excused himself for some important calls that he had to make to get things corrected at the soonest. The septic expert and his team already started to restore the failed cesspit. Your friend just couldn’t believe that the newly purchased property was then being excavated. What could’ve caused such a problem? Help! My cesspit failed within weeks of moving into my new home was all you could tell your cesspit inspector.

 According to the septic expert, there are a number of causes to consider:

  1. The water load could’ve been too much. This might have been brought about by heavy laundry load and dishwashing load. These cause the accumulated sludge to be stirred up and get dispersed into the soil absorption system. Because of the large amount of water that flows in, the bacteria don’t have enough time to break down the solid waste particles.
  2. There might have been a heavy use of antibacterial and very harsh chemicals. These substances could have been dumped into the toilets, drains, and sinks and killed off the bacteria that are essential in the degradation of the solid wastes.
  3. There might have been woody roots that entered the cesspit and caused blockage or damage that resulted to leakage and then failure of the system.
  4. The previous owner might have been very negligent when it came to maintaining and caring for the cesspit. The treatments and pump outs might have been skipped and this resulted to severe clogging and blockage of the cesspit and the surrounding soil absorption system.
  5. The cesspit may not be upgraded regularly and may not meet the code requirements set.
  6. It was apparent that a full service septic expert was not hired to make a through septic inspection because the problems were not identified and resolved even before the purchase was made. A report should have been submitted and the cost of the corrective services should have been factored with the total amount of the property.
  7. The gutter could’ve always been directed onto the area of the cesspit. This usually results to the entrance of too much water into the cesspit causing increased water load.
  8. The cesspit may already be very old already and should have been replaced before the purchase.
  9. Damage may be caused by construction or vehicles placed over the cesspit.

What happened was not acceptable. You were very affected by what had happened because you recommended the estate agent. He was the one who sold you the house you live in that time and you expected the same excellent service that you were given. The agent was so embarrassed by the cesspit failure and tried his best to pacify the situation. He even sent his assistant to buy cake, ice cream, pizza, and pasta for your friend. He also promised that 25% percent of the total amount paid would be returned.

Help! My cesspit failed within weeks of moving into my new home! You were very upset but because the agent did his best to remedy things, you slowly calmed down as well. By the time the septic expert finished, everything was settled. The agent gave your friend the check before he left. It was definitely a nightmare but it ended on a very pleasant note.

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