Cesspit safe household cleaners

In this article we are going to touch base on the basics of cesspit safe household cleaners and their effects on septic systems. Understanding your wife has already become of your primary goals. You know that when you listen to her and know what she wants, the entire home is at peace. Your wife has a tendency to go with trends. You have experienced diet trends, fitness trends, clothing trends, and other lifestyle trends through the years. Each one usually lasted a few months and then everything changes back to what you usually do, and then off to another trend. It can be very tiring living this way but you knew that it was a good way of supporting your wife because she only meant well for your family. There was a time when a famous dietitian came to your town and she absolutely gathered every single recipe that the dietitian had and used them in all your meals. Even your children had to eat tofu burgers with sides of coleslaw for a month even if they had a cafeteria. It did all of you good because it made you appreciate losing weight and healthy living a lot but after a month of bland flavors, you reverted to the steaks, pizza, and roast chicken.

It was exciting to see your wife convert to a new interest just like that because you want to see her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. It was really contagious to have that in your home because all of you got to try something different almost every month. As another month ended, you patiently anticipated the next interesting endeavor that you and your family were going to take. This time, it was only her that did something. It was a very weird thing for the rest of the family. It seemed that what she wanted to do was follow what all the other housewives were doing. They were all using the household cleaner that was just released. The commercial said that it was far better than what she was using so she bought five gallons at a time. She planned to really change what she was using around the house. This was the only trend that she stuck to for years. Bandwagon mentality was definitely in your wife but you knew that it wasn’t your place to argue. Drama always came fast when you do.

After a few years of using that same household cleaning product, your cesspit malfunctioned. You had to immediately come home from work to take care of the problem with your septic expert. Your septic expert shook his head at the reason why your cesspit malfunctioned. He saw the household cleaning product that your wife has been using. He said that the household cleaning product was a very harsh product that slowly killed off the bacteria in your cesspit. You talked to your wife about what she was using and she immediately understood. That afternoon, she went to the septic store and spent hours scanning the labels of every product that they had on shelf. She also went to the grocery store to check out some products that may be more practical to use.

  1. Pumice stone is said to be an effective household cleaner that is perfect for your cesspit’s delicate environment.
  2. Baking soda has been known to be an efficient cleaner or scourer. If you make a paste from it with a little bit of water, you could clean stove tops, tubs, tiles, and sinks. You could just rinse the surfaces off with water. You could also use baking soda with vinegar in clearing and cleaning drains. Wait about twenty minutes and then pour hot water to rinse the solution out.
  3. Vinegar is an acidic and powerful cleaning agent that many have used even in their laundry to remove stains. It also helps in bleaching. You could combine it with water and place the solution in a spray bottle for surface cleaning. Add essential oils (tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemon) to improve the smell and cleaning power of the vinegar solution.
  4. Lemon juice is much like vinegar because of the acidity. But this natural household cleaner leaves a citrus odor that makes you feel cleaner.
  5. Earthstone is a household cleaner that is made from ground glass. It is absolutely safe for your cesspit when you use it.

She didn’t pattern her change of cesspit safe household cleaners after what everybody used. For once in her life, your wife started a trend on her own.

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