Unclogging A Leach Field

Unclogging a leach field and reducing septic drain field odors can be accomplished by adding a Super Shock beneficial bacteria directly into the leach filed thus unclogging the lateral lines. Septic tank and leach field backups and odors are generally the result of a buildup of bio mat in the lateral drain field lines.

Due to the over use of anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh cleaning products, coli form bacteria produced by our body is destroyed. The coli form bacteria is critical in the digestion process and the breaking down of bio mat causing solids waste.

Consider using a regular monthly septic tank maintenance treatment with beneficial bacteria. This will reduce septic odors and solid waste build up in the septic tank and leach field.

When a beneficial bacterium is used as a septic tank monthly maintenance treatment, the early stages of bio mat build can be reduced unclogging a leach field and restoring the system to a functioning like new condition.

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