Sewer odors in your home

Many people call in complaining about sewer odors coming from their bathroom or kitchen area which can pose a health issue along with the horrible smell. Sluggish septic systems tend to build up gas pressures as a byproduct of decomposition within the septic tank. When levels are too high within the system, gases compress and eventually exit through the area of least resistance. In many cases, this weak link area just so happens to be your kitchen sink or toilet bowl.

The first thing you will want to do if you smell sewage is to make an appointment to have your septic system inspected and if needed pumped. Once the system is drained down the smells will go away but return again if the clogging problem within your drainage area is not addressed. After your pump out or inspection, introduce high quality bacteria to the system to better degrade the compacted areas and aid in restoring flow. Once the flow has improved, the odors will go away and stay away provided you maintain a bacterial treatment along with common sense water conservation techniques.

Remember, if you smell sewer odors, have the system inspected and begin bacterial treatments immediately. Your system and your guests will thank you for the tune up.

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