Sand mound bacteria shock treatment

This article will help the reader the better understand the benefits of a sand mound bacteria shock treatment.When you’re searching for a good home, you immediately think about the view, the design, the built-in appliances, the furniture included, the space, the price, the payment method, the materials used and the location. You never think about the wastewater treatment facility installed in the property as well. In your case, you thought that it would be just the ordinary buried septic that you have always known about but never really paid much attention to. Since the property you chose might have a poor soil percolation rate and a high water table, the sand mound system was waiting for you when you moved in and showed it’s ugly face.

The sand mound system was a bit new to you. You have never seen a septic that’s elevated. You would have to try your best to either explain or conceal the truth behind that lump of soil when you have your own children or when you have guests over Bacteria Shock Treatment .

Every little corner had to have something that showed you as the owner. You just wished that the sand mound was as cooperative, as well-mannered, and as refined as you were. One morning, just when you planned to decorate early, you were surprised at the smell of your new house. It was like a huge bathroom. You checked the sinks, toilets, drains, and even your yard and sure enough, everything was backed up with wastewater. When you called the septic expert and described everything, he recommended a sand mound bacteria shock treatment for your system.

The sand mound, like any other form of septic system, is governed by bacteria. There are times when the bacterial population goes down due to certain factors:

  • Excessive use of strong, corrosive chemicals and antibacterial solutions. The corrosive chemicals consist of strong acids and bases that chip away parts of the sand mound and weaken them. They even join the antibacterial solutions in killing the resident bacteria.
  • Taking strong prescription medications, namely antibiotics that wipe out bacteria.

These are the two main reasons why you sand mound needs bacteria shock treatment. You knew that the sand mound system was treated and pumped out before you moved in. it was thoroughly inspected for damages and everything was in tip top condition. But the real estate agent never mentioned that the previous owner of the house took antibiotics in the last three years of his stay there. That really depleted the bacteria in the system.

The sand mound bacteria shock treatment aims to replenish the lost bacteria in your system. It is really a shock treatment because large doses of bacteria would be poured into your sand mound system. This will invigorate the sand mound and put things back to normal. The septic expert said that his team would clean up everything in the property. The bacteria shock treatment that he administered was very fast acting. Surely in just a couple of weeks, the sand mound will be good as new.

Of course, you should remember your responsibilities as the new homeowner. If you start taking antibiotics, you would have to have your system treated on a monthly basis to keep the bacterial population at normal levels. You also have to pump out the system regularly, according to the number of people that live in the house. Since you’re girlfriend is the only one who stays there long, the system should be pumped out every three years. Also be mindful of the things that you dump into your system. Aside from harsh chemicals and antibacterials, never put non-biodegradable materials and grease into your system. These will only stay there and clog everything. You should also clear the sand mound area. Relocate the trees and other hardwood plants so that the system won’t get clogged or damaged. Redirect the rain gutter away from your sand mound, to lessen the water load when it rains. Do not use your sand mound as a parking space, driveway, or a venue for construction. If there are any leaks, immediately report to your septic expert so that repairs may be done immediately. We hope this article help the reader to better understand the benefits of a sand mound bacteria shock treatment.