Rainwater can cause overflowing in cesspools

This article will attempt to cover how rainwater can cause overflowing in cesspools. Your parents’ diamond wedding anniversary was definitely the biggest occasion that took place that year. Every anniversary was always held in restaurants or parks. But the silver and golden anniversaries were held in the ancestral home. It was that time to celebrate in the ancestral home again and as the eldest son, you had to make sure that everything was in order. You always headed the preparations for such a big gathering. You always saw to it that the house was cleaned and decorated and the yard was manicured. It was the rainy season that year. Years back, the sun was high and the grass nearly died. But when the diamond wedding anniversary was to be held, rains continued for days and even weeks at a time. If you were to really decide, a restaurant or any enclosed space would have been better. But tradition was tradition and rainfall should not be an obstacle.

Everything was in place already. The only thing that caught your attention that time was the cesspool. You remember your old uncle telling you that rainwater can cause overflowing in cesspools. You knew that there was a problem with it every time it rained or stopped raining. The drains, sinks, and toilets backed up with sewage and septic odors wafted through the house. It was a serious problem that you wanted to attend to last so that you would be more focused on it. A few days before the reunion/diamond anniversary celebration was held, you had the septic expert work on your parents’ cesspool. It was a case that was common among homeowners in the area and you understood why. Your parents were too old to even think of the septic system. They just wanted to enjoy their years together.

Your septic expert told you that you had to do the following to take care of your cesspool and keep it functioning optimally during heavy rains:

  1. Get rid of the small fountain and the bikes over the cesspool area because these could already have caused damage to the cesspool itself.
  2. The cleaners and disinfectants that you use at home should be changed to bacteria-friendly ones so that the resident bacteria will not be killed off and contribute to clogging.
  3. The direction of the house gutter should be moved away from the cesspool to avoid additional water to enter the cesspool and cause an overflow.
  4. You should properly use your sinks, toilets, and drains by not dumping non-biodegradable materials and oils into them. This would also prevent clogging and malfunction of the cesspool.
  5. Make sure that you keep the treatment and pump out schedules recommended by your septic expert. This would prevent the over accumulation of sludge and an overflow in your cesspool.

After a few days of yard redesigning and modification, you knew that the gathering would be a very successful one. It took hard work, patience, and time management to accomplish but you did it. The day before the anniversary celebration took place, everyone started coming. Some of the kids asked for their bikes and you lovingly told them that they were in the garage. They asked why the yard was redesigned. You just answered them that you had to make changes to correct the cesspool problem and to make a larger space for the party. It was a garden party where everyone could be on the grass and have barbeque all day. You had a huge tent installed over the yard for the expected rainfall and so that the blackest and grass would be kept dry.

It was a unique concept for a gathering. It was not as elaborate as everyone expected. It was really focused on the family and being together. You just gathered together, had a program, a bunch of games, and a lot of food for everyone. The gathering lasted all day and well into the night when the children were tucked in already. When your parents spoke, they said that it was the best anniversary that they ever had. Nothing absolutely could be more rewarding than that. Always remember rainwater can cause overflowing in cesspools.

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