Odors coming from front yard can mean trouble

It was a lazy weekend morning. You thought of baking your chocolate death cake that has five types of chocolate in it. Your daughter was playing in the yard with your dachshund that time. Just when you were about to place the batter in the mold, your daughter came in and told you that you dog farted while they were playing. She did this about several times, which made you a bit suspicious. The cake was almost done baking when your daughter came in again. You decided to watch them play in the front yard to see what was really going on. Your wife said there were odors coming from the back yard and you remembered that your father said, odors coming from front yard can mean trouble.

When you sat on the lounge chair, a disarming smell drifted towards you. It was not the dachshund, It was definitely something else. Even the aroma of the cake baking in the oven wasn’t enough to overcome the terrible odor. You always knew that odors coming from the front yard can mean trouble. The kind of trouble you thought about was septic trouble. Immediately, the septic expert arrived and corrected the septic dilemma. Your septic expert knew you very well. You adhered to the scheduled pump out all the time. You asked why this could’ve happened.

 The septic expert said that you should take your daughter upstairs for a while because of the fumes that would be coming out of the septic. When you came back, he shared some causes of the septic back up:

1)       Going antibacterial

The fad of using antibacterial solutions came and never ended. Many homeowners opt to use antibacterial products in their home to make sure that disease-causing microorganisms won’t go vacationing in their living environment. These cleaners kill the resident bacteria that are supposed to break down the solid waste materials that enter the system with the wastewater.

2)       When you dump grease and fats

The fats and grease that you dump into the drains, toilets, and sinks are not easily decomposed by the resident bacteria. These stay in the tank for a while and then eventually dispersed into the drain field or soil absorption system. They remain in fat or grease form even if you use your garbage disposal.

3)       When you dump non-biodegradables

Diapers, tampons, napkins, and plastic caps are only examples of non-biodegradable materials that you could easily dump into your system. Even if you use your garbage disposal, they remain undigested by the resident bacteria. They will just remain in the system and clog it. Eventually, the system will fail.

4)       Water load suddenly increased

Water load in the system can dramatically increase when the laundry load is done once a week, when there is a sudden increase in household members, and when there is a heavy deposit of rain fall diverted to the system’s area in the yard. You should talk to your septic expert about installing a dry well, divide your laundry loads in a week, and make adjustments in the size or number of tanks in the system. Too much water can cause odors and odors coming from front yard can mean trouble.

5)       Presence of trees, vehicles or any form of construction over the system area

You should remove trees from the system area because their roots clog or damage the system. You should also remove vehicles or construction forms over the septic system in your yard. The heavy weight o can cause damage to the system’s components. This will result to leaks and clogging in the system that will eventually make your septic system fail.

6)       No adherence to pump out schedule

You should always adhere to the pump out schedule because this is the only way you could be sure that the accumulated sludge is eliminated. If the sludge remains at normal levels, there will be no clogging or failure.

7)       Heavy rain pump outs

Pumping u=out your septic system during a heavy rain fall will only cause the system to acquire mud and silt from the surrounding areas. It would be better if you just wait for the rain to stop first and then have your septic expert handle the situation.

When the septic expert left, the odors from the yard lessened a great deal. Your daughter slept in her room. You woke her up and told her that lunch was ready. The smell of the freshly-baked chocolate death cake wafted throughout the house. It was a very delicious ending to a very foul incident indeed. Remember, odors coming from front yard can mean trouble.

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