Monthly Drain Field Treatments

Being the eldest in a brood of three, you were always the perfectionist. You never rested until everything was in its proper place. When you were in grade school, you were one of the boys who always had their uniforms wrinkle-free and their hair combed in place. It is said that being a perfectionist was only natural for first-born children. Maybe it’s true, in your case.

Although it isn’t your favorite hobby, you approach your septic drain field in the same manner you approach everything else – perfection! You know that your drain field needs monthly treatments and your set out to find the best way to do this and what product will help you achieve a healthy, long lasting system.

Your family reunion will take place the following week. This year, it was going to be held at your home. You and your family have been preparing for it for months. You even thought of a theme for the party. The concept of medieval times was the final decision. It was unanimous because it was the first time that the reunion would be having a theme. It was usually just a barbeque with the usual parlor games and pot luck. This time, you wanted everything to be different but still perfect.

The house was scheduled to be clean the next day. After the heavy rains the day before you wanted to make sure that the place was immaculate before the reunion. You wouldn’t want slipping accidents to take place when the celebration came. Just then, your sister called and asked if you practiced applying monthly drain field treatments. Their drains were already backing up and she thought it was because of the neglect that she did. You asked what kind of neglect she was talking about. She said that she didn’t pump out their septic tank according t schedule and she didn’t observe the monthly drain field treatments as recommended by their septic professional. She and her husband were just too busy running their restaurant business. You told her that she should consult their septic professional immediately to take care of the crisis. When she hung up, you called your septic professional and told him that you needed to have the drain field treated the next day. You wanted everything settled before the height of preparations takes place. It was better for all the technicalities to be dealt with early so that all you needed to worry about was the reunion itself.

The following morning, the house started to get busy. Your family went out to get party favors and souvenirs for the reunion. They wanted to have medieval pieces for everyone as well. Your wife also wanted to talk to the local restaurant to have them cater the medieval reunion. You were the only one left at home to oversee everything. The septic expert arrived after the housekeepers left. The monthly drain field treatment applied was the biological type wherein non-pathogenic bacteria were used to refresh the system.

With the bacterial reinforcement, the degradation of the solid wastes and the purification of the effluent were accelerated. The septic professional also inspected the pipes, the drains, and the tank itself. Everything was as intact as before. You always liked to hear that and treating the field helped with his diagnosis. Having a smooth running septic system and drain field brought you a certain fulfillment. It was said that a septic system that’s in good condition reflects how good you are as a homeowner.

The monthly drain field treatments administered were vital to the health and safety of your home and environment. You definitely didn’t want to have the similar problem that your sister had. It was just very unacceptable for your family to wade in raw sewage or inhale septic odors. The practice of using biodegradable cleaning products was always a practice in your home. They cost a little more but the rewards were long term as seen in your septic system’s condition.

When your wife and kids arrived later that afternoon, they brought a roast chicken and cheesecake for dinner. Your wife just opted to make her famous mashed potato and peas. It was a busy day for all of you but you know that having a memorable reunion was at the top of your list that month and having the monthly drain field treatment early was one of the best decisions you have made to make sure it would happen.

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