Are Methane Gas Odors Really Toxic?

Are methane gas odors really toxic to humans and pets? Septic tanks, cesspits, drywells all produce natural methane gasses that will can cause asphyxiation. Exposure to methane gas can cause serious health problems. In you believe have been exposed to methane gas, get out of the area as fast as you can and contact a professional as soon as possible. The system should be inspected and the source of methane gas should be secured.

Methane gas will develop in area that you would least expect it. Septic tanks that have been abandoned will harbor methane gas for years. Unsuspecting homeowner can fall through old septic tanks that have become week due to rust or just simple determination of the septic tank. Serious injury, infection and even death can occur when falling through a septic tank.

When purchasing a home always have the septic tank and leaching system inspected by a professional before signing off on the home inspection. Make a septic inspection and approval a contingency clause when signing purchase contract. Go to the court house and request the septic tank and drain system original plans. Make sure the system you are inspecting is the only system located on the property.

Be on the look out for any mysterious smells or odors. If you have a pet pay special attention to their behavior, they will typically sense gasses and other danger before humans will and start behaving in a
peculiar manner.

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