How to locate your cesspool

In this article we will discuss the age old question of how to locate your cesspool. You knew that you managed to survive every single trial that came into your life. You survived your divorce and a hospitalization brought about by complications of diabetes. You even went through helping your only son cope with alcoholism. Despite all those things that you went through, a new chapter opened and it helped you get on your feet again. Just recently, you received a dachshund puppy as a birthday gift. You named the puppy Stubby because of his short legs. As you raised the two-month-old pup, you studied the breed very well and tried your best to make him balanced.

A month and a half after you got Stubby, your son surprised you with a new home. He told you that his real estate company just had a joint venture with a developer. As a token of goodwill, the developer offered to have two houses built for him. He decided to give one to you. Your son told you to move in already because he wanted to know how you felt about the house. When you got there, you didn’t really have a hard time adjusting because Stubby was immediately comfortable. Everything was all set. The septic expert just finished double checking everything. He talked to your son before he left. But since it was your home, you knew that you had to do your part in maintaining the cesspool. You have to know everything about your new home.

Your son came in and guided you through the house. He told you that he will teach you how to locate your cesspool. As you know, the cesspool is the personal wastewater treatment that was specifically designed for your household. Your son made sure that your cesspool was fit for up to five people just in case there would be relatives or friends who would pay a visit and stay for a while. The cesspool should be well-cared for and you have to take part in the process.

The main thing that you have to do is to know how to locate your cesspool. Your son gave you a short list of what you had to take note of:

a)       Landscape

You can locate your cesspool with the help of the landscaping that you have. There shouldn’t be any old trees planted near the cesspool area. You should look for dirt mounds, rock piles, raised areas and soil depressions. Also study the appearance of the grass over the cesspool. It would be soggy, wet, and much greener than the rest of the grass in your lawn if there is a leak or blockage. On the other hand, the grass would be dry if the system is functioning well.

b)       Hardware assessment

Keep an eye for manhole stakes or covers to locate the covers of the cesspool. Some cesspools have ports for cleaning up that look a lot like a 12-inch diameter pipe. There are also cesspools that have electrical boxes.

c)       Sewer lines

Follow the pipes that exit your home. This would definitely lead to where the cesspool is. You could also use a pipe snake or a rebar rod to probe around.

d)       Metal detector use

You could use the metal detector to find the metal components of the cesspool, hidden under the concrete cover of the cesspool.

e)       Mother Nature helps

Snow melts away much faster during winter. This is because of the heat produced by the bacteria’s metabolism.

f)        Ask the experts

Try and find out the location of your cesspool from the septic expert that installed your cesspool. It would be much easier to protect that area if you do so.

Take note that you should not walk on any soil depressions in your area over the cesspool. This may be a sign of a cesspool collapse. Stubby sniffed over the grass and as you watched him, you knew that he was already helping you locate the cesspool because he lingered on the dark green portion of the lawn. The following weekend, he hit the jackpot and found the cesspool. How to locate your cesspool.

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