Leaching field clogged

Traveling in various places has long been a passion for you. It makes your career in photography even more meaty and full of life. But it always wasn’t easy for you. As expected, there were places that gave you a hard time during your stay in several places. Nevertheless, every venue gave you a new perspective and allowed you to be ready for the next adventure. As you unpacked your backpack that day, you remembered how bad the situation was in the last house you rented. It had a wide space, which was ideal for you work but there was one thing that nearly cost you your expensive photography equipment—the clogged leaching field.

You remember it very vividly. It was a home away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Nature surrounded you and it definitely was the perfect chance for you to shoot at the natural landscapes and animals. Your rented house had electricity and water. But the main issue that you had a problem with was the septic system. The landlady told you that there were no problems with the house. She was an old lady so you paid the first month’s rent ahead. After two weeks, you decided to set up a tent outside to take shots of the night sky. You fell asleep waiting for shooting stars. The following morning, you were woken up by a terrible smell.

When you came out of your tent, you immediately went back inside to pack your photography gear and tent. You were surrounded by raw sewage! This was unacceptable. You paid good money for a clean place to stay and this was what you got. You immediately went inside and called the landlady. She apologized deeply and said that the septic expert will immediately arrive to remedy the situation. After half an hour, the septic expert arrived and immediately got to work. With just one look, the septic expert knew that the problem was that the leaching field was clogged. You were so upset because the landlady just fixed the surface of the property and not the septic system below it. You really wanted to get out of there and get half of your rent back. But the curious part of you wanted to know why this happened.

The septic expert that the house has not been rented for a long while and the landlady wanted to save money with the septic maintenance. The septic tank was supposed to undergo pumping and the leaching field was supposed to get monthly treatments. The septic tank was stuffed with sludge and the solid wastes got dispersed into the leaching field. This decreased the aerobic bacteria, increased the bio-mat, and caused the sewage flooding. The septic system is supposed to treat the wastewater from the household. In the tank, the anaerobic bacteria breakdown the solid wastes. The effluent is then left clear. It is absorbed into the leaching field to be further purified by the aerobic bacteria. In the leaching field, the effluent is rid of the contaminants and pathogens that will cause harm to you and the environment.

The landlady came over after the septic professional corrected the clogged leach field problem. She apologized in person and promised to give you a refund for the bad experience. You were supposed to stay there for another month because of an additional project that you accepted but you told her that you couldn’t afford another thing like that. So you accepted the refund and moved into another place. You opted for a small apartment. That way, you could be saved from a possible septic problem again. At least if it were an apartment, you knew that the landlady or the management would have the entire property well-taken care of.  You apologized to the landlady as well and reminded her of the septic responsibilities that she should do. Having clogged leaching field is not a small problem to dismiss.

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