Lateral line safe household cleaners

This is a short article on lateral line safe household cleaners and the affects they may or may not have on a septic system. Ever since your dad accepted a contract to work abroad, you have been the second father in the house. Your mom always depended on you for manly chores. Even if you were still in grade school then, you developed a more mature way of thinking because of the responsibility that was given to you. You even helped in taking good care of your three-year-old sister after school and during the weekends. Your friends only saw you at school and should set a gathering in advance if you were to join them. Your life completely changed but even if you don’t admit it, this challenge helped you cope a lot with your studies. Somehow, the extra load of responsibilities helped you budget your time more. Before, you just bummed around the house or always went to places with your friends. But being second father made you more visible and useful around the house because of the chores that you had to do.

There came a time when your mother woke you up very early in the morning. She said that you had a big problem that you had to solve immediately. She said that the drains, toilets, and sinks were all backing up. She added that it had to have come from the septic system. She already called the septic expert but she needed you for anything that the septic expert may need. Your three-year-old sister then was still asleep, oblivious of what was going on. When you went to your bathroom to wash up, you were greeted by as awful smell. You had to use a large food container to collect water from the sink and then you washed your face outside the house.

The septic expert already arrived by the time you were done. It was a school day and you had to call your best friend to tell the teacher that you were sick that day. Your family had to come first. It was your responsibility to help take care of them. You kept on thinking about your three-year-old sister and decided to transfer her into the front porch where the smells would not reach her. You thought that if the smells were that bad, they have got to be bad for your health. When the septic expert started work in the yard, you paid close attention. He explained so many things to you about the septic system that you were eager to know about.

He said that the septic system is composed of a septic tank and a leach field. The septic tank has anaerobic bacteria that break down the solid wastes from the incoming wastewater. This leaves the effluent clear when it disperses into the leach field or drain field. The drain field contains the lateral lines that distribute the treated effluent back into the surrounding environment. This should be well taken care of because if the lateral lines or any part of the drain field is clogged up, then the system is already prone to malfunction or failure.

Your mom admitted that she used antibacterial household cleaners for a long time especially when she had your baby sister. Everything had to be bacteria-free. The septic expert said that this greatly contributed to the lateral line malfunction that you had. He said that you had to switch to lateral line safe household cleaners so that the bacteria in your septic tank and leach field will not be harmed and killed off anymore. This was the main reason why there was a back up of wastewater into your home. There were no bacteria at work in your septic system.

With a sorry look, your mom asked you to go to the grocery store to buy lateral line friendly household cleaners, baby food, and diapers as well. You rode with the septic expert because he was going in that direction anyway. He said that it was up to you to make sure that the septic system worked well. You agreed because your family’s health was at stake. You made your way into the grocery store to get what you needed. It felt good to be of help as a second father even if it started with just buying lateral line safe household cleaners.

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