Are your drains backing up from your sand mound?

Sand mound systems are installed in places that cannot use the conventional septic system and these are generally areas that have dominant sand type soil or rocky soil and those that have a high water table. A mound type system, also known as a sand mound or a raised mound, has a pump chamber, septic tank, gravel bed, a pipe network, and a sand fill layer. Mound systems are more complex and should be maintained and cared for periodically so that its optimal function and lifespan can be attained. If you neglect doing this, the gunk and sludge will be carried over to the drain field and cause backups or more severe problems.

Are you experiencing this problem? Are your drains backing up from your sand mound? This is an irritating and uncomfortable problem to experience every time you use your sinks or bath. You can’t seem to feel clean after you wash yourself, knowing that your feet are soaked in wastewater. Why does this happen anyway? Do you have any idea why your sand mound system is letting you experience such a drain disaster? The primary issue that you should reflect on is how you use your drains at home. Ideally, your drains should have filters that catch the solid particles like hair, soap suds, food particles, paper, fur, or tissue. If you are careless with your drains and just let everything fall into the drains, then you should not be surprised anymore when you experience backing up of wastewater.

Next question would be do you inspect and maintain your sand mound regularly? If you are even surprised at the question, then better accept the crisis that you are experiencing right now. Your sand mound’s tank should be pumped and cleaned regularly to prevent the excessive accumulation of sludge and gunk. There should also be regular add-ins of biological bacterial additives that will accelerated the digestion of solid waste and disperse the clearer effluent to the bio-mat efficiently to be rid of the pathogens before it reaches the water table. Making sure that the biological population in your sand mound’s tank is high will ensure a smooth flowing water treatment system in your home.

It is also beneficial for your sand mound to be aerated as a complimentary treatment to bacteria additives. Aerating the tank will increase the number of aerobic bacteria. These oxygen-dependent bacteria are able to digest the solid wastes at a much faster rate. As a result, the anaerobic bacteria will be able to digest what little is left of the solid wastes before the effluent reaches the bio-mat. The aeration and the increase in the number of aerobic bacteria will keep the bio-mat in check so that it won’t be too thick to block the flow of the wastewater. While aeration will not restore a failed drainage area, it will help maintain a system that has restored flow by way of bacteria and enzymatic digestion.

Backing up of sewage from the sand mound can also be caused by leaks and pipe damages somewhere in the system. This may be brought about by degraded materials, invasive roots, and crushing pressure from vehicles that drove or constructions made on the mound’s area. If there are damaged pipes, you should immediately have them replaced with much sturdier ones. Large plants should be replanted far from the sand mound area. Vehicles or any form of construction should not be anywhere near the mound to prevent this from happening again.

Having a sand mound as your water treatment facility can be a very challenging thing from day one. If you’re thinking of having your lawn landscaped, you should have the sand mound system built and installed first to avoid blockages and interference with the pipelines and layers that have to be arranged systematically and strategically. If the landscaping is done prior to the sand mound’s installation, there is a large possibility that the entire design could be brought down again to make way for the construction of the sand mound. It will only be a waste of architectural materials, time, and money. So you have to coordinate well with everyone at the worksite to make sure that nobody ruins somebody else’s job.

Doing things right will yield a harmonious home and a happy sand mound system.

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