Cold Weather Drain Field Care

Many people that are not connected to a sewer system will fall onto the need for a septic system to take care of their waste. There are a great number of these people that are not exactly sure of the things that have to be done in helping to maintain their drain fields, especially in cold weather. Taking a few extra step to protect your system or prepare it for winter temperatures will help reduce the chance of the entire system failing and needing to be repaired or replaced altogether.

Before cold weather arrives, have a professional take a little time and inspect the drain field. The biggest area that has an issue is that of the pipes. Keep an eye out for erosion problems and make sure that water has not allowed drain area soils to wash away. It will be crucial that you have these inspected thoroughly to ensure that you are getting a system that is not in danger of failing at any time. Another area that a person is often not informed in looking at to make sure it is fully functional is that the bacteria is as it should be. Many people are not aware of the fact that bacteria in regard to their septic system are actually a good thing to have and are crucial in helping to keep the process flowing freely.

Adding any type of foreign chemical can alter the balance of this bacteria and lead to a great amount of issues in the workings of your drain field. This will lead to a smell being noticed, as the waste will not be getting broke down completely. Protect your drain field as much as you can, this will go a long way in helping to maintain the health of your tank system and not causing issues to develop in the long-term. Winter snow seems to be the biggest catalyst in leading to issues being noticeable. If you are desperate to add something to your septic system, then make sure that you are adding a bacterial additive that will help to increase the productivity of your system.

The drain field is one of the more important parts of the entire septic system, it is this part that all of the action will occur and here there will be few things that can be done that will not in the end result in the drain field being damaged and requiring a very expensive fix or replacement altogether. Now that you know a little more about this subject, you are able to deliver the best care for the drain field and lead the entire system to run at normal pace.

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